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Marcos Ciscar Alto Sax

This instrument is a collaboration with the great sax player Dietmar Schmid. His tone is both sweet and powerful and the focus point here was to create a melodic, smooth and emotional alto sax sound.
A polyphonic version of the instrument is also included for sax ensemble parts.

KONTAKT 5 | Full version

  • Recording format: 24-bit, 96KHz

  • Layers: 3
    Two velocity layers at normal mode. One extra "emotional" layer using the modulation wheel


  • Tip: Experiment with the use of the modulation wheel to find the tone that suits best.

  • Please note that different characteristics in the instrument comes through at various ranges of the layers.

  • Legato script: Yes (disabled in the ensemble version)

  • Reverb IR: Hall

  • For Kontakt 5.8.1


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