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Marcos Ciscar - Ethereal Keys

A Collection of Deep Ambient Keys for Kontakt.

While sampling the church organ in the town church (Eternity Church Organ) I made this
organ stop combination that had an ethereal quality.

I put all the other sounds aside for a while due to this vision: What about combining even
more sound sources together? Like having a giant church organ with even more sound opportunities.

For some reason, while editing sounds I kept watching these pictures of arctic norwegian churches and spectacular mountains on Baffin Island. What was first maybe a more spacey sound idea tilted to northern lights, crystal clear lakes, sun reflections on icy landscapes etc. Now the ambience was set.

So the concept of Ethereal Keys is you having a giant keyboard creation with interconnected sound sources such as church organ, tonewheel organ, electric organ, harmonium, analog synthesizers, solo vocalist & choir, electric guitars and various wind instruments plus mark tree.

To match the arctic theme the sound ideal is not "authentic" by itself but rather more "frozen" in character. A bit like having a synth from the 90's but with much larger memory capacity and better PCM samples. The human voices, for example are not intended to sound "natural" but more like aural snapshots found under the arctic ice.

KONTAKT 5 | Full version

  • Some of the presets use the modulation wheel to gain access to more layers of sound and parameters. Always remember to check it out

  • The key range is also different across the presets. As the presets contain various layers edited individually, please remember that altering the knobs in the GUI will affect the sound as a whole

  • Welcome to the musical permafrost

  • For Kontakt 5.8.1


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