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A beautiful and expressive whistle with many articulations.

Inspired by green forests and old tales, The Greenwood Whistle is a high quality Kontakt instrument based on a wooden whistle in D. The original instrument was handcrafted by the late Ralph Sweet and it is considered to be a great professional alternative with its even volume through the whole range and of course, the sweetest tone.

Playing techniques such as vibrato, bending, slurs, ornaments and runs could easily make the instrument hard to handle with too many key-switches, but in this Kontakt instrument the natural vibrato techniques are included as default. And bendings, ornaments and runs are offered as separate key-switched articulations. Slurs and fast bendings are handled by scripting and by you, when using the pitch wheel. All these things combined make Greenwood Whistle a joy to play and a very realistic alternative to the real thing.

KONTAKT 5 | Full version

  • Range: D4 - D6

  • Please note that the recorded whistle works best in the keys of D and G and their relative minor keys Bm and Em.

  • For Kontakt 5.8.1 

Please note that the recorded whistle works best in the keys of D and G and their relative minor keys Bm and Em. When using the key-switched bendings, ornaments and runs please remember that they were created within the limits of the actual instrument. They are not supposed to work in all keys. Although the sampled version is fully chromatic, the offered bendings, ornaments and runs are based on the keys of D and G. This means that some of the bendings will be wholetone and others halftone depending on the note off the scale. And ornaments and runs are adapted to the original scale and transposed as they are when played in other keys.

C0 - Legato

D0 - Staccato

E0 - Bend up: Range adapted to the scales D and G

F0 - Bend down: Range adapted to the scales D and G

G0 - Ornaments: Range adapted to the scales D and G

A0 - Runs: Range adapted to the scales D and G


Velocity controlled articulations: The are many ornaments and runs in this Kontakt instruments.
To make them all fit and keep the instrument playable some notes have a variation of the key-switched articulations selected by velocity.
Tip: Play your melodic lines using the the key-switched articulations. When using ornaments and runs be aware of the various options controlled by velocity values. Bend up also contain some variations. Pick the ones that work for your song and alter the velocity values in your DAW when needed. Depending on the length of the selected ornament or run you might need to alter the length of the MIDI note in your DAW to make it fit in your composition.

Modulation wheel (CC1) :
Use the modulation wheel upwards to put the low whistle further back in the mix through a combination of volume control and cutoff filter. Great to use at phrase endings, for general dynamics etc. Return to the zero position to obtain normal volume.

Breath samples and an octave down-up run are included and always present on the keyboard.


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