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Marcos Ciscar Metallophones

The shimmering sounds of metallophones with emphasis on sound design:

Ambient pads, bowed cymbals, bowed vibraphone, cymbals, glockenspiel, kalimba, piano string, raw drum, tamtam, shanti chimes, singing bowls, tingsha cymbal bells, triangle and combined instruments.

KONTAKT 6 and 7 | Full version

  • 33 Kontakt 6 presets | FX: Replika delay, diffusion mode. Custom reverb IR

  • 75 Kontakt 7 presets | FX: As in Kontakt 6 + Ring modulator and Psyche delay

  • In most of the presets the modulation wheel (CC1) controls the volume of a second, even more metallic layer.

  • Guest performer: Ville Uutela - Raw drum, Robert Drewstad - Bowed vibraphone & tamtam, Emelie Sjöström - Glockenspiel

  • Guest engineer: Robert Drewstad - Raw drum

  • Please note: If you own Terra Incognita you already have an earlier version of some of the included instruments (without the metallic sound design) in your collection.

  • For Kontakt 6.7.1 and Kontakt 7.0.11


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