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Pachamama Pan Flutes consists of three pan flutes in one single nki:

Melodic Pan Flute:
     - Monophonic (Key switch A0-B0)

     - Expressions: Natural vibrato, glissando

Chromatic Pan Flute:
     - Polyphonic (Key switch C1-C2)
     - Expressions: No vibrato, vibrato x 2, staccato x 2, crescendo, ritardando, tremolo


Small Pan Flute:
     - Polyphonic (CC1 controlled for an authentic double pan flute sound)
     - Expressions: Natural vibrato, staccato​

KONTAKT 6 | Full version

  • 10 Key-switched expressions

  • Breath samples 

  • Realistic and dynamic

  • Authentic two pan flutes sound option

  • Custom made IR especially adopted to this pan flute instrument

  • Please note that if you own Terra Incognita you already have an earlier version of this instrument in your collection.If you own Chromatic Pan Flute you have an earlier version of one of the three pan flutes in this collection

  • For Kontakt 6.7.1


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