The Irish Low Whistle

This is a metal flute from Ireland called low whistle. It looks like something from a science-fiction movie, but I promise you, it's not a laser gun. It's the lowest member of the whistle family and the range begins one octave lower than the ordinary tin whistle.

Marcos Ciscar playing Irish Low Whistle

I've played it for almost twenty years and it can be heard on many of my albums; including Music for Mindfulness, Wisdom of Mountains and The Great Loss. I love the low whistle for its haunting sound, like a deep fog embedding the scenery. It somehow lies close to my soul. My favorite tracks where I make use of it in solo context would be "Ancient Call" from Wisdom of Mountains and "Weightless" from The Great Loss.

I often use it in conjunction with a regular wooden whistle for the sake of creating a broader sound and reaching higher notes. This is all good, but the sweet sound of a single low whistle will always touch my heart.

Extracts from "Ancient call" and "Weightless" by Marcos Ciscar