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Marcos Ciscar Studio Percussion

The classic GM-standard percussion collection taken to a new level of realism in a collection of 21 percussion instruments for Kontakt:

Tambourine, cowbell, vibraslap, bongos, congas, timbales, agogo, cabasa, maracas, whistle, guiro, claves, woodblocks, cuica, triangle, shaker, jingle bell, belltree, castanets, flexatone and mark tree.

KONTAKT 6 | Full version

  • GM2 standard note mapping (except for the add ons flexatone and mark tree)

  • 24-bit audiophile recordings

  • Custom made IR with a mix of plate, hall and gated reverb

  • Guest performer: Robert Drewstad - Timbales, belltree and flexatone

  • Please note that the jingle bells might need to be played a bit in advance due to the longer time needed for their sound to fully develop

  • For Kontakt 6.7.1


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